Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Firsts

Since my last blog I have had two firsts concerning my book--my first book signing at a bookstore and my first author visit to a high school. Both of these activities turned out to be fantastic.

I wasn't sure what to expect for the author visit to Rudder High School. The librarian had arranged for me to do a two hour presentation followed by a luncheon with the students. The presentation was to a book club at the school that had previously purchased and read my book. The prospect of getting up in front of a group of students who had read and discussed my book in a book club setting was quite unnerving. However, the presentation went great. In fact, it went so well that we didn't even get through the whole presentation. The students had so many good comments, questions and insights that I was overcome with awe. The depth of their understanding of the book amazed me. They were bringing up points about the book that I hadn't even thought of. At the end, one of the students walked up to me and pulled out a very worn copy of my book and stated that she had read it three times already. She also mentioned that my book was way better than Twilight--her words not mine. I walked away from the school that afternoon feeling very good about myself and my future as a writer.

The book signing went great as well. The store manager at Hastings placed me right at the front of the store so every customer who walked in was either forced to make eye contact or walk into the store with their eyes closed. I was actually surprised at how many customers went out of their way to avoid looking at me as they walked in. One customer even tripped over a display he failed to notice because he had so overtly directed his eyes in the opposite of my direction. But, there were quite a few who did make eye contact and came over to my table to find out what Seventh Earth was all about. Before the day was over I sold all but one of the store's copies. The store manager was also quick to offer another signing opportunity when I had another chance. I think I will hold off on this until Parents Weekend at A&M in the fall. That week College Station is so full of Aggies and their parents that you can't throw a stone in town without hitting maroon.

Later this month I will be flying out to Utah to do another book signing and another author visit to a high school. This time I will be visiting Orem High on the 30th of April and will be doing a book signing at the BYU bookstore on the 29-30th. If any of you are in the area on those dates I would love for you to stop by the bookstore and see me.


  1. Exactly when at the BYU Bookstore?

  2. I will be at the BYU bookstore from 4-6 on the 28th of April and from 11-1 on the 29th.