Monday, October 18, 2010


Is there a sequel?

This is by far is the most frequent question I get when it comes to my book Seventh Earth. I both love and hate getting this question. I love it because I am excited that people enjoyed the first book. I love writing. It was pure joy to write Seventh Earth and I am ecstatic that people have shared in some of that bliss. However, I hate, or rather cringe, when I get that question because I am saddened by the fact that it is taking so long to complete the sequel. I would love nothing more than to be able to hide in the crook of a tall redwood in the middle of an enchanted forest and produce page after uninterrupted page of the (soon to be named) sequel. But alas, my days are consumed by a day job where I courageously plug away at deciphering the cryptic language of legal minds. Thus, I am not always able to devote the necessary time to capture onto paper the continuation of story that haunts my mind. Fear not however, the story must and will continue, for the characters that survived the first book lay in wait, desperate to tell their story, their tale of survival, to live again within your thoughts and to whisper in your minds.

To help me along this overdue quest I must ask two favors. First, I ask that you spread the word. Spread the word of Seventh Earth. Help others come to know Aura and Zack. Give others the chance to witness Aura's power to look into her soul as she fights against the gods of fate. Allow others to hear Zack's voice, to look into his eyes as he catches his first glimpse of love. Let someone else live vicariously through the characters as the characters live through them. Provide someone else the experience of staying up until three in the morning lost within a book. Second, I ask that you not give up on me. I lay this promise before your eyes that I will complete this sequel. I will give you a chance and all willing, to strap back in and enjoy part two of the ride that is Seventh Earth.