Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And I'm Back

This last week gave me a glimpse at what life might be like if I’m ever to make the transition into the realm of full-time author. I felt somewhat like Scrooge led by the “Ghost of Christmas Future” able to gain a rare view into what the future may hold. Only for me, it was a most pleasant experience filled with excitement and success, one that I dove head-first into and loved.

Although undeserved, it was surreal for me to see my name displayed on hundreds of glossy pamphlets, 10-foot tall banners and hear my name announced throughout the day on the store’s intercom. I enjoyed every moment sitting at the table talking with readers from all over the country—some who walked away empty handed and some who left with my book tucked beneath their arm. I loved speaking at the local high school, sharing my experience with writing and offering informative bits that had been passed down to me by brilliant editors.

For a second, I even thought that I had met my first fan outside of a book signing. I was sitting on a chair in the Salt Lake airport waiting for my flight to return home when a young woman looked over, spotted me and made a beeline in my direction. It caught me completely by surprise. My heart started racing and my mind went blank as I tried to think of what I was going to say and how I was going to thank her for being a fan. However, just as I was preparing to open my mouth, she lifted her hand, tossed her empty drink cup into a trash can inches from my head and walked away. That happened to me four more times before I finally got up and moved to another seat. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t move because I was upset that people had no interest in me. I moved because every time someone tossed a cup into the trash I found myself dodging the occasional spray of coke or coffee as the cups hit the side of the trash can and released a fine, sticky mist.

Alas however, my trip is over and I’m back in the flat-lands of the Lone Star State, back amongst the sunshine, cedar pollen and wild flowers. Waking up this morning to the familiar yet painful sound of my alarm clock, I half wondered if last week wasn’t merely a dream. Maybe I had been led by the hand of a ghost through the realm of time, offering me a glimpse of a future I could only dream, a future filled with mystery and adventure neatly wrapped in paperback and hard-cover.