Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Story

One thing I tried to do in writing Seventh Earth was infuse a sense of symbolism throughout the story. I wanted the book to be a fun read, but I also wanted it to be understood on multiple levels. I imagine it to be something that one could read multiple times and get an entirely new appreciation and understanding of it and its message each time.

Adding to the sense of depth is the fact that writing Seventh Earth was almost a religious experience for me, as at times the story seemed to write itself as if I was only there as a medium, a tool to transcribe the words onto the pages. I remember one day sitting down in the Texas A&M library and typing vigorously away as the story flowed smoothly onto the screen seeming to come from somewhere else. I remember reading the words I had just typed not knowing what was coming next as if I was the reader and not the writer.

So as you read Seventh Earth understand that there is a depth within the pages waiting to be discovered. Understand that the story goes far beyond the words on the pages, far beyond good versus evil, and far beyond boy meets girl.


  1. This is very exciting! Can't wait to read your work. Can you tell us more about the art work for the cover? Who designed it? How much influence did you have with the design?
    Let us know when it's available in November.

  2. On the famous picture put on the front cover, Which hand is God's? The one on the right or the left?