Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just some random inspiration while listening to DJ Earworm's United States of Pop 2009. For fun try listening to it while reading this.

I look out into the world before me. But my eyes see only a false reality that doesn't exist beyond my frontal lobe. I wonder how a world filled with the talent to create music, to write novels, build cities and express true love is encompassed with so much hate. Are we not all brothers born from the same dust? Do we not share the same breath? Do we not lie on the same earth?

Why must one think ill of another? Why is it that so many think they can be taller by standing upon the backs of those who have fallen? Do we not all look upon the same sun? Do we not all cast a shadow before the light of God? Do we not all hunger? Do we not all thirst?

I see colors in this world--blue, red, green, black, white, yellow and brown. I see differences that aren't afraid to be cast into the light, aren't afraid to be found upon lips, to be spoken by borrowed breath. I see variety that forms a symbiotic relationship of life and love, of celebration and yes, sadness. I see a hand rising from a destruction that has created a bond between life and death. I see one stepping forth from amongst the dust of his skin to emerge into a greatness he will hold with him for an eternity.

I wonder how a world secluded and alone, unique among the void and desperately clinging to life can offer so much death. I see an earth in patient defiance, an earth with a gentle hand filled with flowers, trees and beasts pointing toward heaven, pointing toward the son. I hear soft whispers from the ground offering the way. I see many with their ears pressed against trees, listening but not hearing as whispers wander past and fall back to the earth.

I am listening. I am a traveler with foot placed before foot on a narrow path, watching as the eyes of the world bore into my soul. I am scarred with the stains of the fallen who grab at my feet and dream of a life never known. I push forward with a hope, knowing that the darkness will soon give way to light. Speak to me dear earth. I will catch your falling breath. Speak to me, I am now ready to listen.

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