Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Gift From My Wife

Here I sit in a small room, no larger I imagine, than a cell found within the great walls of a prison. The angle of the ceiling prohibits me from standing up straight in all but half the room. There is no outlet, no three holed prong flush against the wall offering unlimited electricity. The only power comes from a forest green extension cord stretching from the hall to the room like a deadly snake with a powerful bite. The carpet in the room is still soft and plush, having rarely seen the bottom of a foot. The heavy scent of fresh paint still radiates from the dark, navy, walls lined with Van Goghs and black and white photographs. This room is mine, my sanctuary, my escape. This is where creation will happen, where worlds will be formed, where battles will be won and lives will be lost. This is where stories of great kingdoms will be found from ideas, born from dreams. This former closet is now my room, my gift from my love. No bigger than a prison cell to some, this room is larger than life to me. Thank you, my dear wife, for creating this magical rabbit hole for me to hide and turn my dreams to reality.

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